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Luxury cars that don't cost the earth

Luxury cars that don’t cost the earth

  • Published 26 March 2020
  • 5 minute read
  • By John Redfern

We all know the special feeling of buying a premium product – and it’s no different when it comes to cars. Sitting behind the wheel of a luxury car might make you feel great, but that’s no reason to pay more for one.

All the cars listed here will give you the premium glow. And by taking advantage of a competitive lease deal, you can live a champagne lifestyle but keep your finances at prosecco level.

Audi A1 Sportback

Small but perfectly formedAffordable luxury car leasing: Audi A1Lease an Audi A1 Sportback Lease Now

With angular styling and that most-wanted Audi badge, the new A1 Sportback will certainly stand out in any car park. Audi constantly features on lists of the most desirable brands, and the A1 is an affordable way to drive one.

It may be the smallest car Audi makes, but the company has crammed plenty of technology from larger models into the A1. That includes an optional digital dashboard (called Virtual Cockpit), along with a 8.8-inch touchscreen media system. It all adds up to the feeling you are inside a truly premium car.

Audi only offers the new A1 with petrol engines, ranging from a frugal 1.0-litre to a powerful 2.0-litre. With a long options list, there are also plenty of opportunities to put your own stamp on your baby Audi if you lease one.

BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe

And it's a blast to driveAffordable luxury car leasing: BMW 2 Series Gran CoupeLease an BMW 2 Series Lease Now

Fitting with its premium image, BMW describes the new 2 Series as a ‘four-door coupe’. The styling certainly is striking, and being able to tell friends you drive a BMW coupe undoubtedly appeals.

The curving roofline does limit headroom in the rear, but kids will be amply comfortable back there. Extra storage space can be found beneath the boot floor, and BMW has included lots of equipment. Air-conditioning, sat-nav, heated seats and cruise control are all standard. 

All of the engine options offer respectable performance. Those in search of outright speed can plump for the range-topping M235i version, which comes with four-wheel drive. It adds some serious go to the Gran Coupe’s show.

DS 3 Crossback

French super-lux for peanutsAffordable luxury car leasing: DS 3 CrossbackLease a DS 3 Crossback for £155Lease Now

The DS 3 Crossback is the cheapest car on this list to lease, but comes with an interior that oozes French luxury. The marque has chosen a bold, diamond-inspired design for the dashboard and trim, with quilted leather and suede upholstery options available. 

DS has not skimped on technology, and all cars come with sat-nav, air-conditioning and parking sensors. A special party trick is that the exterior door handles are flush-fitting, meaning they only appear when the car is unlocked. 

Along with petrol and diesel engines, there is an all-electric version of DS 3 Crossback. This E-Tense model can travel up to 200 miles when fully charged, yet still offers impressive performance.

Mercedes-Benz A-Class

Entry-level Mercedes is still a star inside and outAffordable luxury car leasing: Mercedes A-Classlease an A-Class Lease Now

You could have a Mercedes-Benz parked on your driveway for less than you think. The A-Class is now one of the best-selling cars in the UK, letting thousands of drivers be part of the luxury club.  

Just because the A-Class is compact, that doesn’t mean it falls short. Go large with options and the interior is a technological masterpiece, with two widescreen displays and a useful voice command system. Sat-nav, cruise control, DAB radio and a reversing camera are all included.

The temptation to customise your A-Class will be strong, but remember the effect this may have on your monthly payments. The good news is that even the basic car has plenty to commend it.

Lexus UX

Wild looks and hybrid performanceAffordable luxury car leasing: Lexus UXLease a Lexus UX Lease Now

Lexus has built a strong reputation for refined comfort and hassle-free reliability. Parking the UX crossover outside your gym would certainly make a bold statement, thanks to its sharp lines and dramatic front grille.

All UX models sold in the UK are hybrids, with a petrol engine and an electric motor for decent power and thrifty fuel economy. Lexus does offer an all-wheel-drive version of the UX, but this suffers from a smaller boot. In truth, the UX is more of a tall hatchback rather than a true off-roader, so we’d give this E-Four version a swerve.

Inside, the UX has a host of safety features, including eight airbags and adaptive cruise control. All the materials inside feel luxurious, and the seats are very comfortable. Generous standard equipment is another reason to consider a lease deal on a UX.

Range Rover Evoque

Go anywhere, be anyoneAffordable luxury car leasing: Range Rover EvoqueLease a Range Rover Evoque Lease Now

Imagine being able to say 'Yes, the Range Rover is mine' to your colleagues at the office. If that sounds good, the Range Rover Evoque is the answer to your prayers. This latest model builds on the strengths of the original, and is surprisingly affordable with a lease deal. 

Sharp styling, a classy interior, and knowing the Evoque could go off-road if you wanted, are all part of its appeal. You can choose from a range of petrol and diesel engines, along with a plug-in hybrid model for extra eco points. 

The latest Evoque comes with more space in the boot than the previous car, plus there is plenty of fancy tech inside. A pair of slick touchscreens control everything from the radio to the climate control. They give the interior the upmarket feel you’d expect from a Range Rover.

Volvo XC40

Safe, refined and seriously coolAffordable luxury car leasing: Volvo XC40Lease a Volvo XC40Lease Now

If low-key Scandi-cool is the type of luxury you aspire to, Volvo has a range of SUVs ready and waiting. The XC40 is your entry into the world of Scandinanvian style, yet it retains all the premium feel of Volvo’s larger models.

Living with an XC40 should be a chilled experience, as the interior is very user-friendly. A tablet-style touchscreen controls almost everything, while the materials used feel expensive. 

Petrol-engined XC40s should prove the cheapest to lease, but Volvo also offers diesel versions and a new plug-in hybrid. Being a Volvo, the XC40 is crammed full of safety kit, along with features like LED headlights and rear parking sensors as standard.

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