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The best car finance deals with no deposit

  • Published 21 November 2019
  • 3 minute read
  • By Gavin Braithwaite-Smith

The vast majority of new cars are purchased using a finance deal, with consumers keen to spread the cost over a number of years. Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) schemes have made owning a new car more affordable than ever, enabling you to drive home in a new car for as little as the cost of a mobile phone contract.

To minimise your outlay, it’s worth finding a zero deposit finance deal, which means there are no upfront costs to pay. It’s worth noting that no deposit offers are few and far between and tend to be offered by the volume car brands rather than the premium manufacturers.

So don’t expect to find a zero deposit offer on a new BMW or Audi. Often, a manufacturer will unveil a no deposit finance offer on a car that’s due for replacement in an attempt to clear stock. Keep an eye on the car manufacturer websites and your local newspapers for the latest deals.

In the meantime, here are four cars you can currently buy on finance with no deposit. Better still, they’re also available with 0% finance, so you’ll pay nothing on top of the list price even though you can spread the cost..

Suzuki Swift Attitude

Easy-access motoring Suzuki Swift Suzuki Swift available with no deposit and 0% financeLease Now

Thanks to its good looks, excellent level of standard equipment and efficient engines, the Suzuki Swift is a popular small car. The Attitude trim features 16-inch alloy wheels, a mesh front grille with chrome trim, rear upper spoiler, plus front, rear and side carbon-look skirts. It’s essentially a Swift SZ3 model with some of the styling of the Swift Sport hot hatch.

You could pay £14,099 cash, but when the Swift Attitude is available with no deposit and 0% finance at Suzuki dealers, you’d be better off putting your hard-earned in a high-interest savings account for four years. The only drawback is the Attitude is powered by the entry-level 1.2-litre petrol engine and not the characterful 1.0-litre Boosterjet unit. But fear not, because the same finance deal is available on other Swift models.

You can check out our own deals on the Suzuki Swift start at £176 a month

Renault Clio

French fancy  alt= Outgoing Renault Clio available with cracking deals ahead of replacement modelLease Now

There’s a new and improved Renault Clio on the way, which means dealers will be keen to offload stock of the outgoing car. This is good news if you’re after a good deal and aren’t too fussed about having an all-new Clio parked on your drive. They look pretty similar, so we doubt your neighbours will even notice.

The Clio Play TCe 90 costs £14,100, although Renault will pay the £1,374 deposit, leaving you nothing to pay up front. Simply pay £169 a month for four years on a PCP deal, then decide whether to pay the £4,654 optional final payment or return the car to Renault. That’s no deposit and 0% finance over four years – what’s not to like? The deal is available across the range, including the GT Line, with Renault contributing £2,787 for the deposit, which results in monthly payments of £187. (Example Quote)

That deal is at Renault dealers. Check out our own Renault Clio lease rates

Vauxhall range

Bargain alert! Vauxhall AstraMuch of Vauxhall's car range is available with zero-deposit dealsLease Now

If you’d rather own the car at the end of the finance deal, Vauxhall is offering a tempting no deposit and 0% finance offer at its main franchised dealers. It’s available across most of the range, with customers free to choose a payment term from 24 to 60 months.

The difference here is that at the end of the contract, the car is yours – there’s no optional final payment. In contrast, you never actually own the car on a PCP deal until the ‘balloon payment’ is settled. So what’s the catch with the Vauxhall offer?

There’s no catch, as such, but this is a rather traditional form of finance. Because there’s no deposit or final payment to ‘bookend’ the deal, the monthly payments tend to be higher, although they can be reduced if you opt for the maximum five-year plan.

Crucially, you pay the recommended retail price and no more, but beware the spectre of depreciation. In five years time, your Vauxhall will be worth considerably less than the price you paid for it.

Check out our own Vauxhall lease rates here.

Suzuki Vitara

Great-value SUVSuzuki Vitara Snap up a Suzuki Vitara   Lease Now

The Suzuki Vitara will be a name familiar to many because the company was one of the early pioneers of the lifestyle-led off-roader. Today, just 10% of the cars sold in compact SUV segment are fitted with four-wheel-drive, which is why only the top-spec Vitara models are so equipped.

The current Vitara has been on sale for a while, but a recent update has kept it relevant. Furthermore, with Suzuki offering a no-deposit and 0% finance deal, the Vitara is more tempting than ever at main dealers. 

The SZ4 with a 1.0-litre Boosterjet engine is available for £16,999, or £253.99 a month spread over three years (Example Quote). There’s no charge for the credit, but the optional final payment is a relatively hefty £7,877.

The 1.0-litre Boosterjet SZ-T and 1.4-litre Boosterjet SZ5 models are available for £296.25 and £361.95 a month respectively (Example Quote), with larger final payments, but you can decide to walk away from the deal at the end of the contract.

Check out our own Suzuki Vitara lease deals.

Renault Captur

Clio in wellie bootsRenault Captur Apple Carplay Renault Clio baby crossover is available    Lease Now

Like the Clio, the Renault Captur is about to be superseded by a new model, so it’s a good time to buy the outgoing version. The no deposit and 0% finance PCP deals are available from £141 a month, with Renault paying a minimum £1,000 contribution.

This is based on the Captur Play TCe 90, which comes with a £5,698 optional final payment after four years. Moving up to the Iconic TCe 90 adds £38 to the monthly fee, but Renault will pay nearly £2,000 for the deposit. (Example Quote)

Even the plusher GT Line TCe 90 and S Edition TCe 130 versions come in at a reasonable £257 and £262 a month respectively (Example Quote). In both cases, there’s no deposit and no interest to pay – you just have to consider what to do at the end of the contract. If you’re happy with Renault, simply move to a new and improved Captur or something bigger.

Here are our very own best Renault Captur lease rates.

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